CFPB trend data downloader

This is a tool for downloading complaint trend data from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The site requests data using the CFPB's API, and then makes that data available as a table and CSV for download.

View and download individual complaints, and use the CFPB's own trends tool (which does not provide a way to downloaded aggregated trend data), on the Consumer Complaint Database homepage.

The code for this page is on Github.

Set trend options

Set the following options and click submit to view complaint data. Some options will be unavailable depending on the lens selected.

Results will include complaints up to, but not including, the "Date max" selection.

Select “overview” to view complaints for all financial products. Select “product” to view complaints for a specific product, aggregated by issue and sub-product. Select "geography" to view complaints aggregated by US state.

Leave product blank to see complaints for all products.

Leave state blank to see national complaints.

Only return complaints with a complaint narrative containing search term text.



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This tool is provided as-is for informational purposes only. The tool draws from information made publicly available by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and accuracy is not guaranteed. Neither Frontier Group nor the Center for Public Information Research, Inc. provides any warranty of fitness for any particular purpose.